How do I order replacement parts?

Is there a charge for replacement parts?

Do I have to come to the store or distribution center to get my replacement part?

Is there a way to order screws for a table I purchased?

When can I expect to receive my replacement parts?

What is covered in the VIP Protection Plan?


To see everything that is covered and NOT covered by the VIP Protection plan, visit our VIP Protection Plan page.  Read more…

How do I submit a warranty claim?


This document outlines the warranty service process. Please contact Living it up Services at  626-590 5268 should you have any questions. Read more…

How long do I have a warranty for my items?


The warranty varies depending on what item you have and the manufacturer. To learn about a specific item’s warranty please email us or see invoice .

Can I get scotch guard?


We don’t offer scotchguard on our furniture.  We offer VIP protection but it’s a dry protection plan.  Read more…

What is the VIP Protection Plan?


Our VIP protection plan is available in store or online. Learn more about the program. Read more…

Can you water proof a cotton sofa?


We don’t treat the sofas in any way before delivering to our guests. Instead we offer a VIP protection plan which can be seen here and lasts upRead more…

What are your terms and conditions?


This is a link to all our terms and conditions.  Read more…

I had an item delivered last week and noticed damage today.

We’re sorry to hear that. Please contact our customer care team at (626-590-5268 ) and one of our representatives will assist you with this matter.

Can I purchase the extended warranty for my AS-IS item?  No

How do I have someone check potential warranty issues? Call us we will give you the Manufacture number , however not responsible .


Why can’t my mattress have stains when opening a claim?

The manufacturer automatically voids the warranty if it has stains due to hygienic purposes please purchase a Mattress cover .

The warranty does not cover transportation costs. The manufacturer only covers the cost of labor and parts. We are not responsible for any transportion  to pick up any furniture  or have it delivered to manufacture .